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What Teaching English is All About
TalkShop TESL: An English Teacher’s Testimony

I chose to teach because I got inspired.

I chose the road of excellence when a certain English teacher made me feel that I had potentials and kept on giving me opportunities to prove myself to me. You see, I did not have the confidence I have now. That was a major reason I did not bother to shine in my academics, despite my love for learning. I love reading books. I love to write. But I also kept everything pretty much to myself and my journal. I never talked about the stories I loved. And I never wrote for anyone. It was not surprising that I did not feel so significant.

Then came an English teacher who taught me new words, subject-verb agreement, synopsis writing. There was nothing extraordinary in her class. She came prepared like most of my teachers. She was passionate about what she was teaching. And I was learning new and fun lessons like in my other classes. But you know what? She saw the extraordinary in me. She articulated what I could do with my skills in writing and passion for reading. She told me to be myself and keep doing what I love. She assured me that it was perfectly okay to be me.

I was getting the education I needed from the other wonderful teachers I had. Many of them motivated me by their style of teaching. My English teacher was the one who succeeded in inspiring me by simply believing that I am worth more than what I could articulate.

I chose the path of teaching language because there is as much to learn as I can teach. As I facilitate the communication process, I am able to tap the best in my students as my English teacher has done for me. When I teach speech, I hear their virtues. When I teach writing, I see their vision. When I teach listening, I feel their character. When I teach reading, I sense their potentials. In the end, the lessons become mere tools to polish the mold that just needs to be revealed.

As I instill the mastery of language skills in my students, what continues to amaze me is their eventual mastery of themselves, the AHA moments, the renewed confidence, the acknowledgment of their true worth.

Many of my classes are still about new words, subject-verb agreement, synopsis writing. But then every class is also extraordinary just like how my English teacher made it for me. And every day I have to teach, I am excited to see my students and look forward to enjoying another extraordinary day of learning with them.

And you know what? I’m never disappointed.

TalkShop TESL Philippines

TESL Philippines is the Teaching Certification Division of TALKSHOP, developer of Integrated Language Teaching, a premiere English training facility in the Philippines, and an affiliate of the International English Education Research Association (IEERA), based in Delaware, USA.

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• Yuko Yagi, TalkShop ESL student turned TESL educator
• What Teaching English is All About