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Introduction to
Language Teaching Approaches

People have approached language learning in many ways over the years. The self-directed language learner or the language teacher may well ask, "What approach should I use?" on hearing about a new language learning method. Such a person might ask, "What method should I use? What's the difference between an approach, a technique and method?"

In 1963 the American applied linguist, Edward Anthony defined these three terms (approach, method and techniques in a way that has been used by Richards & Rogers (1986) and is cited by Douglas Brown (1994). These same definitions will be presented here to help you decide how you want to approach language learning.

Approach - refers to theories about the nature of language and language learning that serve as the source of practices and principle in language teaching.

Language method - is an overall plan for presenting language material, based on the selected approach.

Language learning technique - is a particular strategy or procedure used to accomplish a particular objective.

In the modules that follow, a brief survey of language learning methods and techniques currently in use will be presented, along with the approaches they are based on, according to Richard & Rogers.

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