Our Story


TalkShop Learning and Training Institute

Our teacher training division has its roots in English language education.

Our Beginnings Teaching English

We started two decades ago in English teaching, with the establishment of TalkShop in the Philippines . After the reorganization in 2010, the English Division became TESL Philippines.

Training our Teachers

At our TESL Philippines, we see firsthand the need for more meaningful and targeted training of teachers, so we developed an integrated TEFL/TESOL certification program, adhering to the ILT methodology, (Integrated Language Teaching) pioneered by TalkShop Founder and Owner Dr. Sheila T. Viesca. This integrated program utilizes a communicative approach to learning as well as the fusing of the creative learning styles of the East with the practical teaching styles of the West.

Evolving with Technology

Building on the success of our onsite teacher training courses, we continue to embrace technology as early adopters of online teaching.  We customize online TEFL/TESOL certification, from basic to graduate-level, for educators worldwide.

TESL Philippines

Started as a Division of TalkShop Consultancy.

TESL Philippines develops classroom-based TESL/TEFL courses.

TESL Philippines, as an arm of TalkShop, forges partnership with
International English Education Research Association.

TESL Philippines is affiliated with the International English Education Research Association.

TESL Philippines launches Online Training for Language Teachers.

TESL Philippines offers foreign languages and cross culture communication training for teachers and trainers.

TESL Philippines continues to grow in the field of international education, offering customized curricula and organizational programs, foreign language training, and consultancy services for higher education.

Beyond TESL


Tesl Philippines has since moved beyond teacher training to provide a range of services in the field of international education though our other divisions.

TESL Philippines

Our TalkShop Headquarters in the Philippines cater to international agencies, private and government institutions.

Customized Programs

Our customized programs prepare international students to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees at our partner universities via direct or conditional admission.

Foreign Language

Our foreign language division offers language training in class or tutorial arrangement, as well as translation and interpretation services.

Training and Consulting Services

TESL Philippines provides training and consulting services in areas such as leadership, management, sales, training, marketing, and English communication.

Our goal at TESL Philippines is to provide high quality, accessible training and professional development for language teachers and communication trainers in the Philippines and around the globe.

Our Mission

To be the English Education resource for global English language teachers, providing accessible professional development options, teacher recognition, and opportunities.

Our Purpose

To be the leader in designing and facilitating the most effective English language courses across cultures worldwide.

Our Core Values: