Alexa Ramirez, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

I learned so much from this workshop. From being an employee to being a good leader. It also helped me understand my leadership style and the different personality types in our team. Ms. Sheila’s ability to encourage us made our entire team more comfortable throughout the workshop.  It developed not only our sensibility but also confidence in presenting and speaking. I am very impressed and will always be impressed by how TalkShop delivers.


Ronald Legaspi, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

The TalkShop workshop sessions were both informative and inspirational. The tools used in our workshop can easily be understood. I learned so many things from this life coaching and values training by TalkShop. If I assess myself now, I think I am more capable of handling clients/customers. The program design was excellent especially the format of effective communication and also determining your personal strengths and weaknesses. Ms. Sheila is a very knowledgeable coach and speaker. She’s beautiful, kind, understanding, and informative. She knows how to handle people and bring out the best in each individual. The TalkShop tools are very easy to learn. They provide excellent service. The best life coaching training ever!


Bonnie Acevedo, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

Thank you Ms. Sheila for another successful workshop. I had an enjoyable experience interacting with my team. I noticed that my self-confidence has improved immensely. The best part of the life coaching program is the part when we collaborated on a presentation. I was very nervous about it because I’m not really used to speaking in front of people. But I’m proud that I’ve overcome that fear and I did a good job. The transformative effect TalkShop did for me was to have trust in my company and colleagues even more.

Joel Jacinto, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

I would like to thank Ms. Pilar and especially Ms. Sheila for being such nice and accommodating consultants.  All throughout I felt comfortable in being myself. I am thankful to my company for giving us the opportunity to learn something new. Every employee should have the training with TalkShop on values review and life coaching.


Rowena Manlapaz, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

I’ve learned many things from this TalkShop Life Coaching. I was able to improve myself. I would definitely want to attend more classes with TalkShop. The program was informative and interactive. I very much appreciate the meaningful learning delivered in an entertaining and painless manner.

The part I like the most was the story telling. Ms. Sheila’s professionalism is astounding. She helped us improve our relationship with one another.


Chester Tiongson, Core Values Training and Life Coaching by TalkShop

I really enjoyed the sessions that we had with Ms. Sheila. The discussions and the encouragement that she shared with us truly boosted my confidence. I hope that she continues to encourage other people like us.  In our line of work, we needed to be reminded of the values that we must always adhere to in a way that is motivating and empowering.  Kudos TalkShop and Ms. Sheila for an excellently delivered program in Life Coaching.